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Comté (30 months)

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Exclusively available for the festive season, this Comté is a rare product because of his very long period of maturation: 30 months! This long maturation enables the Comté to fully develop those particular little salted grains, which lifts its natural fruity aromas.

Its unique taste is developed in Saint-Antoine cellar, where temperature remains stable all year long, which allows a slow and homogeneous maturation with a constant level of humidity.

The Comte cheese is registered as a protected designation of origin, and follows a strictly controlled fabrication process. It can only be made of cow milk from French Montbeliarde or Simmental cattle, fed with grass from Jura meadows only!

After being heated in a copper kettle, the milk curdles is molded in a wooden circle before being pressed ... In the cellar, on spruce boards, each wheel will develop its own specificities, depending on its duration of ripening, and the care taken by his refiner.

Available from October to February

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