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Fresh White Truffle

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How to use White Truffle : simply shave it on your dish with a dedicated slicer.

How long I can keep White Truffle for : we recommend to consume it maximum 3 days after the delivery.


  • This year, quantities available on the market are expected to be quite low. Hence, prices will be higher than previous years.
  • Truffle price will show $0 when ordering. Final price will be calculated according to the actual weight of the truffle (can vary +/- 10g from the quantity ordered). Final invoice will be sent on the morning of the delivery accordingly.
  • We strive to provide the best quality available, if the requested truffle size is not available at its best quality, we will arrange several pieces of truffle with best quality for a similar total weight.

WEEKLY MARKET PRICE (to be updated every Monday) 

- Piece of 30g to 40g : $61/g

- Piece of 50g to 90g : $65/g

- Piece of 100g and more : $69/g

↓↓↓ Select your requested size below ↓↓

The right quantity: 10g per person

Minimum Order: 20g

Brand : Plantin
Origin : 

Alba, Italy

Conservation : 

IMPORTANT: White Truffles are very sensitive to humidity.

We deliver White Truffle in a dedicated packaging. When you receive it you must open the box, throw the wrapping paper, fill half the box with uncooked rice, closed the box and place it in the fridge. The raw rice will preserve your truffle by absorbing humidity.

Season : ~ October to December


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