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Beef Pudding - Boudin Blanc

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Discover the Award-Winning Beef Pudding by Polmard!

Originally, white sausage is made of pork or poultry meat, mixed with milk and breadcrumb. François Polmard had the idea to change it into a mix of beef meat, milk and egg.

This unique recipe won an European Award in 2013.

Cooking tips: can be eaten as a cold or hot dish, as a starter or as the main dish.

When eaten as a cold dish, make sure you take off the casing.

Otherwise, the Beef Pudding can be fried, baked (180°C) or cooked in a bain-marie (8 to 10 minutes). To be enjoyed with baked apples, for example.

2 pieces/pack

Brand : Polmard

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