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Black Winter Truffle Paste with 70% of truffle

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In 2018, for the 10th Anniversary of the festival, Le French GourMay will celebrate South of France, with the region PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTE D’AZUR. With its chirping cicadas, idyllic lavender fields and delightful food and wine, the region is sure to fill the minds of gourmets in Hong Kong and Macau.

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Our black truffle paste is prepared by combining pureed black Winter truffles with oil to create an intensely flavoured product that is easy to use. One jar will last for several dishes given the intensity of flavour and can be stored in a fridge for long periods (a good tip is to add a layer of olive oil over it) so no rush to use it all at once.

Tasting tips: Add a little truffle paste to mashed potatoes, risotto or soup for an incredible finishing touch.

Brand : Plantin
Ingredients : 

Truffle Tuber Indicum (70%), truffle juice, olive oil, truffle aroma, salt.

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