> > Pu Erh Imperial - Dark Tea from China

Pu Erh Imperial - Dark Tea from China

A very fine crop, with many buds for this very particular type of tea.
Its powerful flavor is reminiscent of damp soil and bark. Long woody, liquor ice notes.
Very supple and harmonious. Clean notes with a very supple texture.

For cheese lovers, this dark tea pairs softly with firm cheese such as aged Comte or semi-hard cow’s milk cheese.

Pu-Erh means "trouser bottom" in Chinese. According to a Chinese folk tale, the tea pickers keep the best leaves for themselves, hiding them in their pockets to take home. Pu Erh tea is highly regarded in Chinese medicine for its curative properties. It is said to lower cholesterol levels, dissolve fat, aid in digestion, improve blood circulation and reduce the effects of alcohol. This tea improves with age, owing to the specific type of fermentation that affects the tannins.

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