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Black Truffle Quintessence

What is Black Truffle Quintessence: 80% of chopped Black Winter Truffle, with grape seed oil and salt, for a very powerful truffle taste in your plate!

How to use Black Truffle Quintessence: this product is not made for cooking but to use as a topping for your dishes : fish, soup, pasta, risottos, meat & more!

Tip: use the quintessence like Caviar, make a nice quenelle and add it on your dish just before serving.

The right quantity: 1 coffee spoon per plate

Brand : Plantin
Origin : 

Provence, France

Conservation : 

Fridge / After opening, must be consumed within 48 hours

Best before : Minimum shelf life on delivery : 1 month

IN STOCK - Delivery from Monday to Friday

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