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Bottarga Powder

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Dehydrated & grated Bottarga.

What is Bottarga : known as "Mediterranean caviar’", Bottarga is made of fish eggs (grey mullet), salted, cured and dried. It is usually preserved in beeswax, and used by Chef around the world grated over dishes, adding its unique aroma and flavour to many recipes. 

A bit of history : originally, Bottarga was created by fishermen not willing to waste any part of the fish they caught. Salt was used to preserve the delicate eggs. Due to its unique taste and the laborious, time-consuming process needed to create it, Bottarga quickly became a precious and refined product, rare to find and often given as a valuable gift.

Our recommendation : as this product can't be cooked, add it to your dish (just a pinch) just before serving. It will enhance the aroma of boiled and grill fish, seafood or veggies risotto and accompany perfectly pasta, salads, boiled veggies, pizza, boiled eggs and omelettes. 

Brand : Kaviari
Ingredients : 

natural product without preservative : grey mullet fish roe (Mugil Cephalus), natural sea salt.

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Conservation : 

Keep in the fridge and consume within 30 days after opening.

Best before : Minimum shelf life : 3 months


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