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Fresh beef, veal, pork, lamb, sausages...

Buy our fresh quality beef, veal, pork, lamb, sausages and merguez online.
Our fresh meat comes from Boucheries Nivernaises, one of the best Parisian artisan butcher. They pay a special attention to the know-how of the industry, quality cuts and respect for the product.

Beef selection: trust our butcher best breed choice of the week for each cut or kindly request your favorite breed amongst:

- Normande: mainly raised for its milk which makes it high in fat and suitable for a marbled and good flavoured meat. Very good value for money. This breed is from Normandy, north-west of France.

- Limousin: feminine, delicate and elegant taste. Limousin cattle is a highly muscled breed from the Limousin region in the center of France.

- Salers: popular for its quality and high marbling, which adds to its tenderness. Salers is a breed of cattle from Cantal, the Massif Central mountains, in the center of France.

We receive shipment twice a week from France:
Order before Monday for next Monday delivery.
Order before Thursday for next Friday delivery.


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