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How to enjoy caviar?

The best way to enjoy the caviar stands in its simplicity. Caviar is a great loner. To appreciate the finest aromas, eat it plain with a spoon made of horn or mother-of-pearl. You can use a spoon made of wood, gold or vermeil as well, but never silver because this metal alter the taste. Place the spoon in vertically so as not to break the eggs, then place a few in the palm of your hand to admire their beauty before tasting them. Use all your senses to live the caviar experience to the fullest:

Look at its color: black, dark grey, brownish or gold; Its size: small, medium, large, with a uniform grain. The consistence is compact without being crushed. The grains must be distinct and shimmery.
Smell this distinctive scent of caviar that diffuses subtle marine fragrances.
Close your eyes and listen to your sensations... Roll the grains against the palate to feel the smoothness, roundness and firmness. The caviar must be neither too firm nor too melting, but it should offer a subtle texture which scatter on the palate.
As they burst in your mouth, enjoy this unique taste of sturgeon egg, distinguish its buttery, nutty or woody flavor and appreciate its fine length in your mouth.
Freshness, sensuality, harmony, complexity, subtlety ... all those sensations make up the caviar experience and an unforgettable tasting. Let yourself be won over by pleasure.