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Kaviari expertise - Caviar selection

All year long,  Kaviari's team works hand in hand with the farmers to ensure they meet Kaviari's quality requirements, such as water and food quality. They regularly go directly to the  fishing farms to select the sturgeons.
Bruno is our caviar  expert. He has been working at Kaviari for over 30 years and masters the flavors of wild caviar. He get involved in the caviar maturing and knows precisely when the caviar has reached its full maturity.  Bruno tastes every day 100 grams of caviar to select the caviar good to go (on sale)!

How is the selection made? It combines at the same time the sight, the smell, the touch and the taste. The caviar is like a diamond whose quality is determined by the famous 4 C: carat, cut, clarity and color.

If those 4 criteria are met, then the caviar will be ready to be packaged for sale.
1/ The smell: smell is the first criteria of selection. As soon as you open an original tin, the first reflex is to smell inside the lid. We are able to know right away if the caviar is going to be good or not.
2/ The sight: we judge by the color, the gloss and the size of the grains.
3/ The touch: we observe the texture of the caviar grains. The grains must be distinct and able to detach easily, to roll while remaining "binding".
4/The taste: the last but not the least. In fact, if the first three criteria are good, the expert would not even need to taste the caviar because he already knows whether it is good or not. But this stage is the most enjoyable because it allows to appreciate all the subtleties of caviar... The magic of caviar stands in its multiple flavors (buttery, nutty, woody ...)