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How to serve and pair caviar

To enjoy caviar at its best, it’s important to take the container out of the refrigerator half an hour before serving – caviar most fully releases its aromas at 10°C.
You can place the container directly on ice or, even better, place the caviar in a glass bowl over a bed of crushed ice in order to keep it fresh.
The recommended portion per person is 30 to 50g.You might have several successive mouthfuls first so that the palate get used to the salt of the caviar. Ideal is to serve several caviars of different species to compare, exchange, discuss around a table. As an appetizer or a little pleasure on the go, count 10 to 15g per person. Try our En-K of caviar, the perfect touch of luxury for any occasion!

Accompaniment: Do not try to ''spice up'' caviar with onions or lemon that alter the taste quality. A simple slice of bread, a blini, or a potato topped with a hint of sour cream can however be paired with caviar without hindering its tasting.

Great Chefs create amazing recipes with caviar but it can also be cooked "simply": few grains of caviar are enough to sublimate and fancy up a dish!

The best drink to pair caviar with is a brut champagne. Caviar also pairs well with a crystalline dry white wine such as a Burgundy or Loire (Sancerre, Mentour-Salon, Montlouis, Vouvray, Chablis, etc.)... Historically, caviar was often paired with vodka, but part of the reason is because caviar was very salty back then.