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Caviar producers

Nowadays, the three largest countries producing farmed are China (nearly 40 tons), Italy (30 tons) and France (25 tons). Then come the USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and Israel which produce 5 to 20 tons of caviar per year.
Then a third group of producing countries appeared: Uruguay, Spain, Belgium ... with less than 5 tons per year.

The biggest producing countries have been farming caviar to preserve local (or endemic) species. This is the case in France, who wanted to save the Acipenser Sturio (European sturgeon), in the United States with the Acipenser Transmontanus from the great American rivers (white sturgeon), in Italy with the Acipenser Naccarii Or Adriatic sturgeon) or in China with Acipenser Schrenkii and Huso Dauricus, from the Amour river (love sturgeon or Kaluga). Bulgaria also breeds sturgeons that lived in the wild in the Danube.

Some countries, on the contrary, have decided to raise sturgeons without having local fish presence. This is the case of Uruguay, a country in the southern hemisphere, while wild sturgeon live exclusively in the northern hemisphere.  Sturgeon farms are now established all over the world. And this is only the beginning in regards of the growth of this sector ...